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The #OurHealthIsImportant Series is a unique opportunity for unity and exploration. We offer a year-long season of (3) virtual interactive and collaborative art-making and storytelling experiences, each specific to a health or social justice issue.

You will have the opportunity to work in community with women, exploring issues that affect you in diverse ways. The purpose is to harness the healing power of the arts to explore, and potentially address, issues that deserve cross-sector approaches. You will be guided through a 3-month experience of community-building, art making, processing, and exploring. Each process will culminate in a “Moment of Sharing”

Series 1

All About Love:

A Reclamation of Black Women’s Sexuality and Health

A free 3-month community-based journey using art and storytelling in reclaiming our sexuality and healing

Join Founder, Health Educator and Artist Saharra, Artistic Director and Drama Therapist Whitney, and Sex, Relationship, and Trauma Therapist, Rafaella, in a guided experience exploring our own stories and creating new ones