Soul Circle is a Women’s Arts & Health Collective redefining health, wellness, and justice through diverse arts-based programming, health promotion, and sisterhood.

YOU deserve wellness solutions that value your art, culture, race, language, gender and even income. We are centering Black and Brown Women & Girls by putting art and culture at the forefront of our offerings…meeting you exactly where you are through a diverse sisterhood

We offer robust arts in health programming, arts-based health coaching, and other wellness solutions that draw on the healing and educational power of the arts. Soul Circle was founded in June 2020 by Founder and Executive Director Saharra Dixon in response to her own health and wellness needs. As an artist and health educator, she saw the need for culturally-relevant and creative ways to take control of her health. She also founded Soul Circle in response to the collective trauma of COVID-19 and racial violence in the country.

At Soul Circle, we believe women and girls need sustainable ways to continue processing and moving forward in their lives. We aim to foster healing, resiliency, advocacy, community, and action through song, dance, theatre, painting, movement, and other art forms to continue the fight towards a more loving and just world–and that starts with YOU.

We harness the arts to help us learn from our body & minds. Join Our Circle and come explore the healing and transformative power of the arts!

The Why:

We found that while the wellness industry is booming, there are few offerings tailored specifically to this demographic. We understand that Black/Brown communities hold fast to their arts and culture, and have continuously put social justice at the forefront of their plight.

By centering these values, we aim to increase participation in wellness-based practices. We want to make the healthy and empowered choice the easy choice by offering low-cost arts in health programming that is accessible through a virtual roll-out. Arts in Health is an interdisciplinary field dedicated to transforming health and healthcare experiences through the use of art such as literary, visual, and performing arts.

We have found through our research that creative expression has been proven to be helpful to individuals with PTSD, depression, and anxiety. The University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine notes, “At the intersection of public health, arts, and culture lies the potential for building stronger and healthier communities in America.” Artists and Cultural Workers are adept at translating information across languages, cultures, and sectors. They communicate in ways that are emotionally engaging, memorable, and personally & culturally relevant—important when working with Black and Brown populations.

The arts are particularly situated to address the following public health issues: collective trauma, racism, social isolation and exclusion, mental health, and chronic disease. These are important health factors for Black and Brown women, but are not at the forefront of tailored wellness programs. Our vision is to create a culturally-relevant, inclusive, and creative wellness center where women and girls can explore health, community, and social justice with the supportive nature of a “Soul Circle.”