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Soul Circle

A brave space for Women and Girls of Color to come together and explore the healing power of the arts

Our Why

We are helping Women, Girls, and Non-binary People nurture their own personal journey for health, self-expression, and liberation by making our culture an integral part of our wellness practice. We aim to offer cross-cultural and holistic approaches to wellness for the betterment of ourselves and our communities.

Everybody has a story to tell, and telling that story may be the groundwork to their liberation

Saharra Dixon, MA, CHES

At Soul Circle, We believe the arts can break down barriers to health, wellness, and social justice

Where Art Meets Health

Our Programming Goals:

  1. Provide Women and Girls of Color with artistic and collaborative opportunities to share stories, identify obstacles, imagine solutions, and catalyze public engagement and critical dialogue around health, wellness, and social justice
  2. Share tools with artists and non-artists alike to help them explore health and wellness in creative and thought-provoking ways through trainings and workshops
  3. Challenge Eurocentric art and storytelling forms
  4. Provide a sense of sisterhood and community

How it all started…

Soul Circle was founded in the Summer of 2020 in the midst of social unrest and a global pandemic that continues to disproportionately affect Black and Brown communities. Our founder, Saharra Dixon, noticed just how stark health disparities were in America, particularly for Women and Girls of Color. Saharra wanted to create a space where women and girls could explore health and social justice issues that were important and meaningful to them, through their own art and culture. Ultimately, she wanted to form a collective, a sisterhood, and a tribe that used the healing power of the arts to share our stories and lead us on a path of community healing and resiliency.

What We Offer:

Movement Classes

Diverse workshops and class offerings to meet your wellness needs, from fitness to mind-body.

Soul Soldiers: Teen Leadership Program

Coming Soon: a Summer Peer Leadership Program for High School Teens!

Health Coaching

Individual Arts-based Health Coaching with a Certified Health Education Specialist

The #OurHealthIsImportant Series

two women with a beautiful smile on their faces

Looking for an Opportunity to Make Your Voice Heard through Meaningful Community-building and Art-making?

The #OurHealthIsImportant Series

The #OurHealthIsImportant Series is a unique opportunity for unity and exploration. We offer a year-long season of (3) virtual interactive and collaborative art-making and storytelling experiences, each specific to a health or social justice issue.

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