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We are redefining your path to health and wellness by empowering the artist in you through a holistic and cross-cultural approach

We offer arts-based fitness classes, mindfulness workshops, health coaching and more!

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Women’s Empowerment + Sisterhood + Health + Art

Why Soul Circle?

Art: The Great Unifier

We believe the Arts can break down barriers to health and healthcare by offering cross-cultural, holistic, and positive approaches to self-liberation and wellness for the betterment of ourselves and our communities. The best way to achieve this is through wellness solutions that value your culture, race, language, gender and even income, reminding us that we are all human.

Where Art Meets Health

What’s that warm, good feeling that art brings you?

Perhaps you painted with friends on a night out or attended a play at the theatre. Arts in Health focuses on the inherent therapeutic and physical benefits of creating, making, and engaging in such art.

What We Offer


Diverse workshops and class offerings to meet your wellness needs, from fitness to mind-body.


Sadie Thompson

Soul Circle speaks up for Women’s & Girls’ rights

Health Coaching

Individual Arts-based Health Coaching with a Certified Health Education Specialist

Founder’s Corner

I am a public health professional and community-engaged theatre artist working at the intersections of arts and health. It’s been my dream to create a space where Women and Girls of Color can explore making healthy choices in creative ways. I founded Soul Circle in June 2020. I saw the need for spaces like this as we fought a pandemic and worked towards racial justice. Now more than ever it is important to not only heal ourselves, but help heal our communities. I believe the arts is perfectly situated to do just that! Realizing that many wellness companies and organizations do not prioritize cross-cultural, holistic, and positive approaches to self-liberation through affordable wellness solutions, Soul Circle was born!

Helping You Own Your Health

Soul Circle is breaking down barriers by redefining the way you think about health and wellness by offering culturally-relevant and artistic solutions at affordable prices.

Are you a yogi? Do you love to dance? Have a passion for theatre? Love arts & crafts? You consider yourself a free spirit?

Our classes might be right for you!

The Soul Program

Soul Circle is committed to offering accessible and affordable arts in health programming and solutions. We never want to turn someone away for their inability to pay for any of our services, no matter what. We believe we are all worthy of exploring health and wellness.

that’s why we started The Soul Program, an easy and rewarding way to give back. You can purchase a gift card of any amount (the suggestion is a minimum of $10), and we’ll pass it along to someone who needs it. It’s that simple!

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